Friday, August 31, 2007

The Elfy Story

This is my sister Alicia. She's really fun to annoy and sometimes Audra and I team up on her. You may be thinking, oh that poor little girl. If you ever have gotten attacked by her you won't think of her like that any more.
One time Audra and I came up with a really silly story about her and it still drives her crazy. We were looking at pictures and there was a picture of her as a baby and we told her that wasn't really her. We said it was someone named Elfy that was the real baby mom had and that we had bought Alicia from the next store neighbors for two hundred dollars (that's all she was worth.) Then we said that Elfy now lives in Grandma's basement. Key thought: Grandma doesn't have a basement. We also showed Alicia a picture of a snowman we made and said that was what she looked like before she was born to the next store neighbors.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Hi I'm Allen. I like to walk on stilts, play with friends, read, imagine, make movies with my friend Sam, eat pie, listen to John Ruben, Bike, Run, Swim, Sing Random made up songs, annoy my sisters, blog, go to youth group, and Search my teachers' names on Google.
Lately a strange guy keeps calling and asking for someone by the name of Miguel. THERE IS NO MIGUEL HERE!!!!!!