Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My (school) Day

Homeroom: Mr. Steedman- Today was reading day so I read what I have to read for an English project. I don't much like reading days in Homeroom.

Period 1: Science, Mrs. Knapp- Took notes on the endocrine system. Not very exciting. Then we did a worksheet for review. Apparently Mrs. Knapp had forgotten the packets we were suppose to do then. It's funny, how come we as students get in trouble when we forget things, but when a teacher does, not so much. I guess this is an exception because our teacher has a broken foot.

Period 2: Health, Mrs. Ellis- BORING. Health is extremely dull. We do nothing but learn about how we shouldn't do drugs and how we're supposed to keep our body healthy. Today we basically just watched a movie on some guy who made the right decision in choosing not to do cocaine.

Period 3: Math, Mrs. Whitney- We once again sat in the same seats as we have been sitting in all year. All the students really want a seat change. I'm kind of tired of sitting in back of a kid name Justin, who's nice and all, but when it comes time to pass back papers. He always holds the papers out towards me, but as soon as I'm about to grab it he jerks the papers away. This process continues until the rest of my row gets irritated because they haven't received their papers yet.

Period 4: Art, Mr. Steedman- I finally finished my clay sculpture of a gumball machine. Meanwhile the kid next to me was having a lot of difficulty rolling out his clay. Once again Melissa found some way to be mad at me. Today I guess she found to reasons. First, I had put to much dry clay in our table's slip bowl and second, I accidentally spilled dirty water on to the table that she had just clean because another kid named Tyler accidental knocked the bowl out of my hand.

Period 5: Electronic Music, Mr. Crystal- We learned about dimentation(is that spell right) today. I found out that Jared broke his arm. I think he discovered it because he broke my foot in gym class earlier this year. JK LOL. I put on of my songs into a really cool sequence so it sounds almost like a real song.

Period 6: Lunch, the lunch ladies- I had a pretty small lunch today. I'm starting to get annoyed of Sam's little "jokes" he plays on me. Today he brought me over to the vending machine and ask what I wanted. I replied "Thanks man, I guess I'll have some goldfish." He put the money into the machine and ordered something different. Apparently he only wanted to know what I wanted.

Period 7: Social studies, Mrs. Mariano- We took a test to day and got sit where ever we wanted. Melissa sat behind me. I was a little scared that she would shake my chair like she always does but she promised me that she would not shake my chair and she said that it would be bad for her brown, cowboy boots that she was wearing. The test was easy. I finished fairly early into class. As soon as I was finished I pulled out a piece of paper to draw on. I wasn't sure what to draw but remarkably I noticed that my chair was shaking. I took the piece of paper that I was going to draw on and wrote on the paper "You promised." I then set it on her desk. No reply, she just kept shaking. Finally I took the piece of paper back and drew a big fat arrow pointing to the text and set it back on her desk. No reply, she just kept shaking. I took the piece of paper back a wrote on the paper "I thought you didn't want to ruin those boots" and I set it back on her desk. She took the paper and wrote something in yellow highlighter about how she was missing her pink. I was confused at this and drew a question mark next to that text. I then wrote "I feel like I'm sitting on top of a washing machine. I bet even Brittney (who was sitting in front of me) can feel your shaking." She wrote underneath "Poor Brittney, I bet if you took your feet off her basket she wouldn't feel anything." When I read this I tried so hard not to laugh. It was so funny. It probably doesn't seem funny to those who are reading this but it seemed funny then. I bet the whole time I was being shaked, Brittany thought I was the one the one shaking her.

Period 8: English, Mrs. Gerstner- We talked about a community read that we are going to read. I never really ever liked community reads. They are really boring. Then Mrs. Gerstner passed papers to the people in each row who were suppose to hand them back to the person behind them. And the person in back of them would pass them to the person in back of them and so on. I again it that class am assined to sit in back of Justin. He again gave me troubles. I decided to just lunge at the papers and get them. That way I wouldn't have to wait until he got bored of his little game. I did just that except Mrs. Gerstner saw me. She glared at me and told me " I'm sure if you were mature enough to just ask him nicely for the papers he would give them to you." I turned and grinned at him and said "Sure you would Justin."

Period 9: French, Mrs. White- Mrs. White has really mad today because her last class was really bad. Apparently one girl in her last class broke another girls pencil because she was poking her. Mrs. White got mad and sent them to the office. She is always complaining about that class.

The end- For now.