Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Small Change

I decided that the header for this blog looked pretty boring so I livened it up a bit.

Burnt Out

This is the Surrealism Photo I had to create for Graphic Design.

I'm quite burnt out, really and figuratively. The past two days I've been doing a lot of things. Friday, our Quittage team won when I caught the snitch, followed by me taking my friends on a hilly 22 mile bike ride. They weren't too happy with me after I did that.

Yesterday, I golfed most of the day with my Dad's family. I'm not very good but I suppose it was fun. Between these two eventful days I managed to get sunburn on my arms so it's a little painful to do somethings. I'm looking forward to doing nothing today and the day off I have tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Modern Earth

This is the picture I had to make for Grafic Design Class. It's sort of depressing but I like how it turned out.
Lately, I've been running around frantically organising a "Quittich" team with my friend Eric for the fun day were having at my high school on friday. It's just like the real thing except with running instead of flying. The difficuly was no team could have no more than 4 of one gender (there are 7 total on a team). I spent the past two days making sure I got three girls on the team and that everyone knew the rules. Well whatever, I'm fairly certain it will be a lot of fun even if our team looses horribly, which will probabally happen since were all freshmen.