Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Got a Clue?

I'm just starting to get sick of this game as we have played 3 games today. I guess I have some sort of talent cause I have won all the games so far today. (Yesterday this was not the case.) It seems as if Mrs. Peacock has done the murder half the time.

Today is so far the first day that no friend has called and asked to hangout. It sort of nice because I had to turn down two yesterday. Before yesterday I had been to friend's houses three days in a row. I really like going places I was just ready for a break and I admit it was nice.

Mom just finished her puzzle after working on it for a couple days but did help her by putting two pieces in. I guess that means I did 1/500th of the puzzle.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Photos

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays since Christmas has past.
Sorry I haven't Posted for like a month. Life is busy and it seems whenever I do get the chance I procrastinate and go on something else like facebook or I check my email since those are quite a bit easier and quicker than blogging. However blogging has a certain feel that you never get on facebook so I try to Post when I can (or feel like it).

I suppose what has really motivated me the most right now is that I got a digital camera for Christmas and well now I don't have to steal my mother's camera every time I need a good picture for my blog.

Last night we had company as Mike and Lydia came over for dinner while we ate some Chicken that my Mom had freshly cook. However, we all gathered at the table a bit too early only to hear that had to cook more which ended be around a half an hour.

Today Aunt Martha, and Cousins Ben and Hannah stopped by to drop off Hannah who was staying the night with my sisters. Ben, Hannah, My sisters, and I played a game of Clue and well the cops had to Arrest Mrs. White for killing Mr. Boddy in the Dinning room with a led pipe. Somehow I find that hard to picture. Anyway Audra won. My sisters and Hannah just finished another game where Mr. Green killed Mr. Boddy the Ballroom with a wrench in which Audra won again. It doesn't help that everyone cheats and steals or looks at other people's cards.
I really hope that now with my swim season done I will be able to post more. Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Doctors office- The Pilot

The other day my best friend, Sam and I got to publish our video that we made during the summer. Unfortunatly the quaility of the picture isn't the greatest and a few parts are a little cheesy and hard to hear.

My best friend Sam is the doctor, I am the Secrtary, My sister Audra is the second patient, Sam's sister, Sarah, is the first patient, and my friend Jacob is the Asistant surgen/health inspector.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Major edit

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time, It's hard to post when you don't have a lot of time and really there isn't much to right about. Most days its, I went to school (not much exciting things happens there), I go to swim practice (we swim), I go home and go my homework, I go to bed. How exciting.

Lately for Computer class we've been typing these really boring reports that the teacher already has written. So, I've decided to rewrite it. Here is the origonal.

-Respect is as old as life itself. But it has been deteriorated enormously in our society during the past twenty years. Sociologists tell us it’s because we’ve become too wrapped up in ourselves. We’re into our own thing; we look out for Number One. We don’t have time to give others the consideration which was once considered normal. That’s now the exception. Yet, respect is still the most important quality a human can have.
Call them anything you want—courtesy, respect, politeness, kindness, consideration, etc.—our manners are who we are. We’ll always be known by the way we treat others. And the way we treat others will always be a key factor in determining how successful we become.

Here is the new much better verison.

Respect is as old as life itself, you know, at least 10 years. But it has been deteriorated enormously in our society during the past twenty years. Yeah that’s right we are crushing the rights of the average citizen. We are to wrapped up in our selves. Don’t hug yourself when you could be huggin’ someone else. We’re into our own thing; we look out for Number One. For example: 13, 21, 111. All of these examples have ones in it. How about the number 6! Or 4! 4s and 6s shouldn’t be segregated man cause I have a dream. A dream that 6s and 4s can live and work together thus making 46s and 64s. We don’t have time to give others the consideration which was once considered normal. If you don’t have time make some. Try skipping homework and stuff. That’s now the exception. Yet, respect is still the most important quality a human, half ape that’s mother’s uncle was a rhino can have.
Call them anything you want if you dare but you must first sign a waiver and pay $ 96.67 in legal fees once you have experienced the full power of the dark side. Well whatever, the only point I’m trying to make is that manners is who we are. It’s a large blood cell that is located in the lower intestine. We’ll always be know the same way whether or not we have manners so just have manners just for the fun. It’s not like anyone else cares. Bottom line: The only way your opening that locked chest that I just left on your front porch is by getting this key from this guy named factor once you successfully determined his middle name.

That is how I have radically changed the perspective on respect.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

I agree a lot with the person in this video. The war we are fighting in Iraq isn't just about us. It's more about helping the citizens of Iraq out who live in a world of terrorism. There was a time in the civil war where a group of politics compained that we should of ended the civil war. Imagine what it would be like today if we were still a seperated nation. It defintly wouldn't be a good thing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Labled Knee

I wrote this on my knee during youth group the other night and as a result a ton of people at school have asked me why I labeled my knee. I labeled it so I have enough space in my brain to remember the more important things.

Recently, at lunch, at school, the people of our table have found a new source of entertainment. In exchange for food, we get my best friend, Sam, to go over to another table and do something weird. Today in exchange for some dry Cinnamon cereal, we got him to go over to the table with an apple, Sing "I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss." Take a bite of the apple and pretend to faint. I had a good laugh. Their responds, one of them came over and yelled at me and said to stop sending him over because he was getting annoying.

In English we have to write a memoir for school. So I was thinking. My blog consists of almost 80 memoirs. So what's stopping me from just copying one of my posts, not like I'm planning of doing that or anything.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hit by Ike

Last night we had a pretty big storm with pretty high winds. However, it felt like a relief since it had been so hot yesterday. I woke up to find our yard covered with branches and the whole sidewalk from my house to the school was all covered in branches. At school everyone had their own story. Half the kids had lost power and one of my teachers had a tree fall on her husband's new car. It turned out that it was really Ike. As soon as it hit hit Houston it sped up to about 30 mph coming strait in our direction. Luckily it had died down to a tropical storm so the wind speed wasn't so high.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Food Court Musical

Lately this movie has been a big hit in our house. We are now constantly singing parts from this movie so I just had to put it of the blog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6 great facts about me

I will now amaze you all and post six facts about me cause I was tagged by aunt rachel.

I have simplefied the rules down to

1. write 6 facts about yourself

I hope no one minds.
1. I know most of the songs on my playlists so well that I often get side tracked while reading other peoples posts as I start to mouth the words.
2. I live in a broken home. Literally. Everything in our house seems broken. Camera, laptop keyboard, paint pealing off the side of the house, ext...
3. My best friend laughs at everything I say, even things that weren't meant to be funny.
4. I like to run, swim, and bike which gives me a great oppertunity to become a triatholete.
5. I talk to myself a lot. Sometimes even in public. For some reason it helps me think better. I often give myself directions telling how to do something or narrate my actions.
6. I walk/bike a mile no matter what (aside from broken feet and really cold weather) to school, rain or shine.
P.S. I'm really bad at spelling. This post I decided not to fix anything with spell check. Can you guess how many things the spell check said were spelled wrong?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Book Covers

True students make their own bookcovers for school.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Slugs (or Macoroni)

This is simply just a piece of macoroni that both my dad and I thought looked like a slug. I certinly like the taste of this slug!

Friday, September 5, 2008

First two school days

Yesterday and today were my first days of school. Overall they were fun and I have friends in a lot of my classes. However, I am not so happy that I have to wake up 3 hours earlier than usually and I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

I have decided to tell you about each of my classes and their teachers.

Advisory/homeroom: Advisory is fun. However this year we have a lot of kids in it. There is about 30 kids and we have trouble seating everyone.
Mrs. Hakewell
Rating out of ten- 7

English: English is okay. I really don't have any friends in this class. It sounds like we are going to do some fun things.
Mrs. Rodzinka
Rating- 6

Social Studies: Again I really don't have any friends in this. However the teacher sounds really fun.
Teacher- Mr. Simpson
Rating- 7

French- It is almost exactly the same as my class last year and last year we had a lot of fun. However we have a different teacher.
Teacher- Mr. Roux
Rating- 8

Technology- I also had this teacher last year. However this year our teacher is pregnant and we have another teacher observing ready to fill in when she leaves. She's really nice but I don't have really any friends in it.
Teacher- (I currently am having a brain block and can't remember her name)
Rating- 7

Math- I think this years teacher is a lot easier to understand then my last years teacher. Last year the teacher went so fast I had no idea what the information was about.
Teacher- Mrs. Robbins
Rating- 7

Science-The teacher is really nice and has a good sense of humor. I also have Sam in this class.
Teacher- Mrs. Fusco

It's pretty good especially since the average rating is 7 so it's not like I hate any of the classes and I pretty much like them all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last day of summer

Today is the last day of summer and I still have a few supplies to get. In order to saver the moments of summer we had left, Sam and I slept out in a tent in Sam's backyard and watched the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Cross country started yesterday, and because of School, homework, cross country and various youth groups it will be harder to post. I will post when I can but I won't be able to post on a lot of Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Fridays.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day!

Yesterday, our family took off to go to my Aunt Martha's house for labor day. There Jim was visiting from Minnesota.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Salvador - What Would It Be Like

This video will defintly get you thinking so I decided to post it. What if we, as christians, decided to step out of our comfort zone to make a differance. Imagine the effect it would have.

Friday, August 29, 2008

State Fair

Yesterday our family went to the state fair out towards Syracuse. We all got up early, hopped in the car, drove for several hours and successfully beat the crowds. We had a lot of fun.

We started out with the cows. There were so many I wonder how the judges pick from so many. While visiting the calves two boys brought out bottles so we could feed them. Audra discovered her true talent in feeding calves.

Apparently the sheep at this fair wanted to protect their identity so we decided not to pry too much.

Mom and I saw one the goats doing this and thought it was quite funny. I guess he just needed a little boast from his friend.
After visiting the Animals we went over to the ride section. After Alicia and I had both rid a ride, we discovered that Mom had accidentally dropped the tickets. Oh well the ride section was never my favorite part anyway. We ate lunch instead. I certainly had my share of bacon yesterday. I had a bacon burger for lunch and a BLT for dinner. Personally, I liked the BLT better.

Every year a artist makes a sculpture out of butter. It was pretty impressive let alone that it was made out of butter. This is this year's butter sculpture. It was quite amazing.

Just like the Butter sculpture a sculpture out of sand is also made. This too is amazing. The picture is of only part of the entire sculpture. There was also a ship and a rowboat to the right of Poseidon and both had pirates in them.
Overall we had a lot of fun. I took a lot of pictures and would have taken even more if Mom and I hadn't thought we had lost the camera. Luckily dad had it. We finished off the day with some soft ice cream. Yum!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was surfing our family camera, wondering what to post when I found this picture. It's pretty cool.

Today, I went to visit the school to get my schedule since school starts in a week and discovered that I am only going to have lunch every other day. This really annoyed me but whatever. I hope to see if I can fix it but I'm not sure if I can. I really don't want to take another advanced course on top of what I already have. Especially if I'm missing lunch.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Trip to Grandmother's House

Yesterday we took a trip Grandma's (and Grandpa's) house. As soon as we finished eating lunch we all jumped in the car and scooted off to their house. I took a quick pic of the Erie canal as we drove over it.

We found grandma on her back porch watching the birds when we came. I never got a chance to take a picture of grandpa because he was taking a nap.

Alicia set up this playmobil house with grandma's extensive playmobil set. I turned of quit nice. Unfortunately she had to pick it up when it was time for dinner. We had a scrumptious meal there too and after we finished Aunt Martha, Ben, Hannah, and Uncle James stopped by to drop off the sleeping bag we left a cousin camp. Oh, and you can't leave grandma's house without some skittles and a life saver. It's just the way it works.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Strangers (or neighbors) in you front lawn

Today, while over at my Sam's house (Sam is my best friend), we were called over by my sister and Sam's Sister (who are best friends also). They pointed out that there was a family picnicking on their front yard. I asked Sam if he knew them and he said he didn't. Audra however told me that we knew them. They turned out to be our neighbors and they had asked what Audra was doing here as she had biked up to the house. We decided to leave them alone and not tell Sam's mom knowing she would make them leave. We decided it was just way to funny to make them leave. Hey, they were brave enough to have a picnic on stranger's front yard that's good enough for me. We almost told them that there was a public swimming pool in the backyard. However, we couldn't leave without a picture.

So what would you do? Would you make them leave?

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Pet Peave

One of my pet peaves is when my sister runs around with a broom and my other sister testing all of the fire alarms and screeming once they go off. I'm not sure why they find so much Joy in this but it certinatly drives me crazy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

$100 Calculator. Yikes

Today, Mom picked up my calculator that I needed for Math. It costed just under a hundred dollars because I needed one that was higher tech since I am taking a 9th grade math course or Algebra 1. I'm not so sure yet what made it cost a 100 dollars compared to the regular 15 dollars. I wonder if all the teachers sat together and tried to figure how to make it as difficult as they can for the kids. We never even use half the buttons on the device. Like for instance, I don't know what the tan, the sin, or the cos buttons do. Oh well maybe I'll learn about it this year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Five Cobras

Left to Right: Makela, Tye, Me, Caeden, Alicia

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Extreme Makeover- Home Edition

Extreme makeover came the other day to a neighboring town near us. Today we went to see them as they were demolishing the barn that was near the house. I took all the pictures as Mom talked with a stranger about how their houses need extreme makeovers. I certainly can not disagree with Mom there. The old house is still standing and the extreme makeover team is planning on demolishing it tomorrow. We didn't see anyone really famous but it was still see construction workers (who all had "extreme makeover: home edition" logos written on the back of their shirts) running around. However we did see a guy that was the location manager and he came over to the crowd and was talking to my dad. He explained that Tye Pennington was not at the house today because he was at the other house (supposedly they do two houses at the same time). He was interesting, however he was constantly interrupted with people trying to get a hold of him as he was talking to us. One of the times he got stop by someone who was on the wrong channel and was yelling at someone which he was very amused by.Here is the old house. It was in pretty rough shape and the roof looked like it was falling in. I'm not sure exactly when the show is going to premiere but I do know that it will be sometime in November so watch for it.

This really doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the post but what ever. My family was eating dinner when I asked Mom:

"Do you remember the time when you almost ran over Sherman's tail with the lawn mower and he ran all the way to Phoenix St."

"No." she replied.

" Good because it never happened."

That is a good sign has not gone crazy. At least not yet anyway. It will probably come before I know it. jk

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Bucket List

I was tagged by Melimouse. I am suppose to list 8 things I want to do before I die. How exquisite!

1. I want to go up to a random stranger and pretend like I know them.

2. I want to visit another continent and I want to visit Florida (because everyone has been there except me).

3. I want to complete a half iron triathlon.

4. I want to start a church. (quite a challenge)

5. I want to dress up in a potato sack (maybe smear some mud on my face), knock on a stranger's door, and beg for money. (of course it's really not the money I want to do it for)

6. I want to build a tree house that consists of more than one tree.

7. I want to get married and raise a family and maybe adopt a few kids. (Christine is quite inspiring)

8. I want to serve my savior!

Some of these things are kind of not that important in life but oh well. Some of them are just for my amusement. I tag who ever thought that this was cool and wants to do it themselves.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cousin Camp!

The past few days I've been away at cousin camp and at Aunt Martha's house. It was a lot of fun here are some pictures.
Here's cousin Joe swinging around his giant Zucchini

Here's Aunt Rachel taking Kotty for a walk on here Rollerblades. Personally I thought she was crazy but maybe that's just because my dog pulls a lot.

Here's Ben going down the zip line which is a lot of fun.

Here are my two sisters, Audra and Alicia and cousins Ben and Micheal

Aunt Rachel made pancakes for breakfast. Yum!

After breakfast, Ben, Micheal and I had a scooter race which was a ton of fun.

Here's All of us.

Top: Ben, Hannah, and Steven

Bottom: Alicia, Audra, Me, and Micheal

Friday, August 15, 2008

Spray painting my dresser

Yesterday my mom and I spray painted my dresser

^This is before^

It was a nice dresser like that, it just looked like it belonged in a little girl's room.

^This is After^

We also had to change the handles so they would match a little better.

I won't be able to post tomarrow because I'm getting together with all my cousins. (rachel's and martha's kids)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today was sort of a lazy day since it was the one day that my Mom doesn't have to clean a house (which she does once a week to bring in a little more revenue) or watch other kids.

Here is a picture of my sisters (the ones on the swings) and our next door neighbors, who often play with my sisters, on the swing set which hardly ever gets used anymore. They are also the kids my Mom watches on Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finnished Product

We finnally finnished painting my bed and it looks awesome. It looks a lot better then it did when it was white.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scenery on the way home

On the way home I toke a few pictures of the scenery. They turned out really nice.

Here's one of the local lake.