Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Photos

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays since Christmas has past.
Sorry I haven't Posted for like a month. Life is busy and it seems whenever I do get the chance I procrastinate and go on something else like facebook or I check my email since those are quite a bit easier and quicker than blogging. However blogging has a certain feel that you never get on facebook so I try to Post when I can (or feel like it).

I suppose what has really motivated me the most right now is that I got a digital camera for Christmas and well now I don't have to steal my mother's camera every time I need a good picture for my blog.

Last night we had company as Mike and Lydia came over for dinner while we ate some Chicken that my Mom had freshly cook. However, we all gathered at the table a bit too early only to hear that had to cook more which ended be around a half an hour.

Today Aunt Martha, and Cousins Ben and Hannah stopped by to drop off Hannah who was staying the night with my sisters. Ben, Hannah, My sisters, and I played a game of Clue and well the cops had to Arrest Mrs. White for killing Mr. Boddy in the Dinning room with a led pipe. Somehow I find that hard to picture. Anyway Audra won. My sisters and Hannah just finished another game where Mr. Green killed Mr. Boddy the Ballroom with a wrench in which Audra won again. It doesn't help that everyone cheats and steals or looks at other people's cards.
I really hope that now with my swim season done I will be able to post more. Happy Holidays.


Martha said...

I was afraid I might find myself here. ;) Looks like it's time for me to get another haircut. I'm looking forward to seeing many more of your photos, especially after I lose a few pounds.

Priscilla said...

Nice to see a new post (like I should talk).

Julia said...

I know what you mean. I haven't posted in awhile. Sometimes I'm to busy or I get grounded.

jacker said...

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