Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Got a Clue?

I'm just starting to get sick of this game as we have played 3 games today. I guess I have some sort of talent cause I have won all the games so far today. (Yesterday this was not the case.) It seems as if Mrs. Peacock has done the murder half the time.

Today is so far the first day that no friend has called and asked to hangout. It sort of nice because I had to turn down two yesterday. Before yesterday I had been to friend's houses three days in a row. I really like going places I was just ready for a break and I admit it was nice.

Mom just finished her puzzle after working on it for a couple days but did help her by putting two pieces in. I guess that means I did 1/500th of the puzzle.


Martha said...

Working on a puzzle and enjoying some banana bread too. I hope she shared some with you.

Julia said...

I like doing puzzles to. I like the game clue, but I'm not really good at it.

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