Friday, February 20, 2009

Discovering Abilities

Today a weird thing happened....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dinner friends

Today our family friends are eating diner over here. My dad and Mr. Pierra went for a run earlier and we figured that they should stay for dinner as well.

This is my sister, Alicia, and her friend Elise. They are currently listening to Audra's music and messing with Alicia's hair.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Swahili fun

Swahili: Jambon, huyu ni changu rafiki Sam W. Mimi tuta nasuma tu sam lakini nina rafiki mwingine itwa sam basi kwa fanya sawa hazina kwa kila ingine, Mimi pa wewe barua kwa wao mwisno jina.
English: Hello, this is my friend Sam W. I wound say just Sam but I have another friend named Sam so to make sure they are not confused with each other, I give you the first letter of their last name.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing my Cards (Another School day)

Today was like any other day but for fun I'll go through all of my classes from today.

I start in the morning. I get out of bed at 6:10. Some days I get up at 5:45 to take a shower (like every other day). Despite Audra taking an extra long time in the bathroom it was just like any other morning.

Advisory/Homeroom: When I got to school my feet were completely frozen from walking and it took almost all of Advisory to get them warmed up. My advisory teacher is Mrs. Hakewill. She nice I guess. We really don't do much. I mostly just talk with my friend Jared. Today however was reading day so I couldn't talk much.

Social Studies: We are doing a project on a person influenced American history. I'm doing General George S. Patton with my friends Sam W., Jared, and Eric. Today we did a little research for the project and the kid next to me was amazed by the fact that I could copy the whole screen by using the "Print Screen" button.

This is where it is. I actually used Print Screen to make this picture.

Health: This is supposed to be a family friendly blog so I'll skip telling you about this class.

Art: I originally took this class to get some high school credit but now I think that it wasn't worth it. The teacher is really weird and always seems to make our artwork worse by telling us to do things that aren't necessary. We all got excited only to later be disappointed when we thought she was going to be fired when she asked a girl if she was doing drugs. The girl got mad and complained to the principle.

French: I thought last year that this would be a fun class but I was horribly wrong. French is extremely boring. Yesterday and today, the sun was shinning just right through the window so I entertained my self by making shadows with my hand. Yesterday, Sam H. who sits in front of me stuck out a sheet of paper to make it clearer and Melissa, Sam H. and I all started laughing really hard.
A few weeks ago I said to Sam H. wouldn't it be cool if we learned kswahili in french class. He took me seriously and asked the teacher who said no. He always takes me seriously like when I said we could try to get our Art teacher fired again (joking) by saying that she put down a students work. (That is sort of true, it's just a little exaggerated.) He did it and complain to the principle only to get a detention. I really wasn't meaning for him to do it. Anyway, Sam H. has begging the teacher if we could learn Kswahili for weeks in til finally today he taught a the word Mbwa which means dog. I think he did it just to get him to stop begging.

Math: We did what we do everyday pretty much. We did our test review for the test tomorrow.

Earth science: We are doing a lab where we see the effect of erosion on rocks and my partner, David and I, and Sam W.'s partner Christina were competing to see who could get our rock the most eroded. Christina's probably the least involved in this. So far my Partner and I are ahead of them.

Lunch: Lately, the people who sit at our table, Jared, Eric, Sam W., Jacob, Alex, and me have all been combining our lunches and then picking from the pile. It makes our lunches a lot more interesting.

Earth science: Some days we have Earth science twice but it was mostly just a continuation of the last Earth science.

English: We went over our practice New York State ELA test. I usually don't like these tests cause the questions are usually poor.

I then stayed after to work on my Social Studies project with Jared, Eric, and Sam W. in the earth science.