Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cousin Camp!

The past few days I've been away at cousin camp and at Aunt Martha's house. It was a lot of fun here are some pictures.
Here's cousin Joe swinging around his giant Zucchini

Here's Aunt Rachel taking Kotty for a walk on here Rollerblades. Personally I thought she was crazy but maybe that's just because my dog pulls a lot.

Here's Ben going down the zip line which is a lot of fun.

Here are my two sisters, Audra and Alicia and cousins Ben and Micheal

Aunt Rachel made pancakes for breakfast. Yum!

After breakfast, Ben, Micheal and I had a scooter race which was a ton of fun.

Here's All of us.

Top: Ben, Hannah, and Steven

Bottom: Alicia, Audra, Me, and Micheal


worminator said...


Rachel said...

It was nice to have all of you over!

Christine said...

I so love the zip line! How awesome!

Mellimaus said...

Check the blog, you're tagged!

I <3 zipplines...and cute dogs. :D