Friday, August 29, 2008

State Fair

Yesterday our family went to the state fair out towards Syracuse. We all got up early, hopped in the car, drove for several hours and successfully beat the crowds. We had a lot of fun.

We started out with the cows. There were so many I wonder how the judges pick from so many. While visiting the calves two boys brought out bottles so we could feed them. Audra discovered her true talent in feeding calves.

Apparently the sheep at this fair wanted to protect their identity so we decided not to pry too much.

Mom and I saw one the goats doing this and thought it was quite funny. I guess he just needed a little boast from his friend.
After visiting the Animals we went over to the ride section. After Alicia and I had both rid a ride, we discovered that Mom had accidentally dropped the tickets. Oh well the ride section was never my favorite part anyway. We ate lunch instead. I certainly had my share of bacon yesterday. I had a bacon burger for lunch and a BLT for dinner. Personally, I liked the BLT better.

Every year a artist makes a sculpture out of butter. It was pretty impressive let alone that it was made out of butter. This is this year's butter sculpture. It was quite amazing.

Just like the Butter sculpture a sculpture out of sand is also made. This too is amazing. The picture is of only part of the entire sculpture. There was also a ship and a rowboat to the right of Poseidon and both had pirates in them.
Overall we had a lot of fun. I took a lot of pictures and would have taken even more if Mom and I hadn't thought we had lost the camera. Luckily dad had it. We finished off the day with some soft ice cream. Yum!


Mellimaus said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I went to the state fair once when I was little and rode an elephant...but that's all I remember.

I qualified for state fair on both Bubba and Daisy, but I didn't go...maybe another year...

worminator said...

sounds fun

Rachel said...

It's not really "several hours" away, but more like an hour. It does look like fun! I don't think we've ever taken Steven and Michael to the fair, they don't usually like that kind of thing. They didn't even like Disney World when we took them there. The butter and sand sculpture look awesome!

Audra's new haircut looks nice!

Audra said...

it did not take hours to get there, it took one hour. yes, it was very disappointing that i didn't get to go on any rides at all. BOO! and mom didn't think that you AND her lost it, she knew that if any body lost it, it was you! thank you aunt rachel, i do like my new hair cut.

Martha said...

We went to the fair today. None of us went on any rides either.

Tracy said...

I love those big eyes on that calf. It sounds like you all had a nice time at the fair.

Priscilla said... had to bring up me dropping the tickets. Thanks. Well....I'm sure I made somebody's day!

Christine said...

Great pictures!