Monday, September 15, 2008

Hit by Ike

Last night we had a pretty big storm with pretty high winds. However, it felt like a relief since it had been so hot yesterday. I woke up to find our yard covered with branches and the whole sidewalk from my house to the school was all covered in branches. At school everyone had their own story. Half the kids had lost power and one of my teachers had a tree fall on her husband's new car. It turned out that it was really Ike. As soon as it hit hit Houston it sped up to about 30 mph coming strait in our direction. Luckily it had died down to a tropical storm so the wind speed wasn't so high.


Rachel said...

It sure was windy! We had a hard time sleeping due to all the noise.

Anonymous said...

Bet that was fun to clean up!

worminator said...

it was very fun.