Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Labled Knee

I wrote this on my knee during youth group the other night and as a result a ton of people at school have asked me why I labeled my knee. I labeled it so I have enough space in my brain to remember the more important things.

Recently, at lunch, at school, the people of our table have found a new source of entertainment. In exchange for food, we get my best friend, Sam, to go over to another table and do something weird. Today in exchange for some dry Cinnamon cereal, we got him to go over to the table with an apple, Sing "I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss." Take a bite of the apple and pretend to faint. I had a good laugh. Their responds, one of them came over and yelled at me and said to stop sending him over because he was getting annoying.

In English we have to write a memoir for school. So I was thinking. My blog consists of almost 80 memoirs. So what's stopping me from just copying one of my posts, not like I'm planning of doing that or anything.


Rachel said...

Sam sounds very funny! I never would've done anything like that. You're pretty funny too, labeling your knee. I'll bet that was a conversation starter. Did you label any other body parts?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you couldn't use some of your blog posts unless she says it has to all be new. But I think a memoir usually covers a longer span of time.

Maybe if I labeled a few things it would free up brain space and I could remember more. Good idea : )

thegreatmichael said...

Post more I'meedummy. I think the story is turning out to be very interesting... POST!

Christine said...

You guys are so funny! Keep out of trouble at school young man.

Joe Fool said...

My cousin is a blossoming genie! I like your writing Allen.