Tuesday, September 4, 2007

5k Race

On Saturday I ran a 5k Race. I did pretty good I guess. I did it in 25 minites and 42 seconds and got in 128th place (out of 340) . I beat sam. Ha ha for him. At the very end I sprinted as fast as I could and almost beat I guy from our church.
I joined crosscountry too. We don't have to run as far as a 5k bu it's still fun. We had our first practice today. We mostly got paperwork but oh well.


Rachel said...

That's a great run, Allen! I hope you have fun doing cross country in school, sounds fun!

Mellimouse said...

I don't think I could do a 5k. I did the mile in school in just under 9 minautes, so I think a 5k would take me around 36 minutes (is k kilometers? So, they're more or less then a mile? I haven't a clue at metrics [if that is a metric!])Hehe. Call me clueless! Good luck in cross country!

Allen said...

k's are Kilometers.
5 kilometers is about 3 miles.

Mellimouse said...

So that would take me about 27 minatues....ok, about the same as you, but....I'd get tired, though, and it would take me longer, I bet.

Aurorey said...

the 5k was fun