Friday, December 28, 2007

Dr. Imeedummy is back!!!

Dr. Imeedummy is back and to celebrate this I'm coming up with a quiz to see how well people know his blog. Try not to cheat. If you do happen to cheat, you will not find out your true rank.

okay anyway, are you ready? good.

Question #1
What is Stupider's moon's name?
A) juniger
B) kiloggholl
C) flogginghogging

Question #2
What is Stupider's ring made out of?
A) Oozed slime
B) Apple Juice
C) Igneous rocks

Question #3
What planet is Stupider most like?
A) Saturn
B) Mars
C) Jupiter

Question #4
Stupider is between what two planets?
A) Saturn and Jupiter
B) Venus and Mercury
C) Mars and Earth

Question #5
How many earth days make one stupider day?
A) 3
B) 2
C) 4

Question #6
How many earth days make up the time that
Stupider's moon make one orbit?
A) 3
B) 5
C) 1

Question #7
What is Dr. Imeedummy's assistant's name?
A) Philippe
B) Pedro
C) Pablo

Question #8
What is the name of the invention that Dr. Imeedummy first sends to take pictures of stupider?
A) naboou
B) flying camera
C) Robo 3000

Question #9
What is the second invention that Dr. Imeedummy sends to stupider?
A) poperozi
B) Robo 3000
C) bunjam

Question #10
When Dr. Imeedummy goes to stupider, he lands near what mountain?
A) Mt. Jortim
B) Mt. Sandy
C) Mt. Goopa

Question #11
What is the name of Dr. I'meedummy invention that changes into several different objects?
A) transformable tool
B) Chargtoger
C) kilophopo

Question #12
What is Dr. Imeedummy's first name?
A) Bill
B) Jim
C) Ying

Question #13
What type of land marks are more likely found in yellow areas?
A) forests and lakes
B) mountains
C) Deserts

Question #14
What percent of stupider is brown area?
A) 59%
B) 47%
C) 30%

Question #15
What type of pet does Dr. Imeedummy own?
A) cat
B) Monkey
C) Dog

So how do you think you did? Ask yourself; was I well prepared?
Did you cheat? I hope not.


1- C
2- A
3- C
4- B
5- B
6- C
7- C
8- A
9- B
10- C
11- A
12- C
13- C
14- A
15- C

What's your rank
based on # right
15) true fan
14) astronaut
13) scientist
12) genius
11) brainiac
10) good fan
9) star gazer
8) sifi kind of guy
7) blog skimmer
6) a humbug
5) not much of a fan
4) apprentice
3) youngling
2) junior
1) almost failure
0) failure

If you got a bad rank don't sweat it you'll have a chance to redeem yourself on the next test.


worminator said...


Mellimaus said...

14?!?! I bet you cheated....kidding.
I got 7, Blog skimmer. JEEZ, Dr. Imeedummy's blog is the only blog I don't pay a lot of attention to, and it just happens to be the one that I get a test on!
Very funny....I'm studying for the next test!

Rachel said...

6, I'm a humbug. But only because he stopped blogging forever!

Anonymous said...