Friday, January 25, 2008

An almost break

In gym class we were doing sumo. We were trying to push our opponent out of the ring. Jared and I decided to be partners. The first time we did it, it was fine. I was quick to act and easily pushed Jared out of the ring. The second time however, wasn't so great. Jared pushed me almost to the edge. I tried twisting him around and tried forcing him to step out of the ring first. Instead my elbow hit the ground first. While we fell out of the ring, Jared fell on my left foot. It hurt incredibly bad. I was wincing in pain and rolling on the ground. I think I know now how football players feel when they get injured on the football field.

My Gym teacher then called the nurse, while I waited outside. It seemed to take forever for her to come. Eventually my gym teacher just wheeled me down in a roley chair. From the nurse's office I went to dad's work since mom currently was out of town discussing matters about grad school. My foot was swelling up and it hurt to put any pressure on it.

After watching Toy Story 2, (basically the only thing they had) I went to Sam's house. Sam unfortunately was not there because he was at all county orchestra. Sam has currently broken a toe. Please do not think I was trying to copy him. Sam's dad is a surgeon who took a look at my foot. He recommended it be X-rayed.

We then took my sisters home and went off to the emergency room. It didn't take long to wait for a doctor to take the X-ray or for the doctors to wheel me off to a room. It was then the time we had to wait. My mother and I passed the time away by taking pictures of my foot. Kind of weird I guess. The doctor kind of walked in at an awkward time. I don't think we left a very good impression. I mean, who takes pictures of feet?

It turns out that there was no break but a lot of strain on my foot or in other words it was almost broken. They gave me a soft cast and some crutches. Honestly I think I look ridiculous with crutches. Crutches are extremely annoying and this cast is really painful. I really want to move my ankle around but this cast doesn't let me. Moral of the story "Fear the sumo"!!!!


worminator said...

you know, now we might be able to get food in lunch, you will anyway.

sorry i wasn't there, but if it makes you feel any better, it was REALLY BORING at the practice.

Mellimaus said...

Sorry it's broken! You're so funny "I mean, who takes picture's of their feet?!" I love crutches. If you don't use them, I'll take them! They're SO fun... What's a soft cast? I mean, whats the differance...Well, I'll see it @ school........You and Sam are such copy cats! You both break a bone-almost break, whatever-in the same week!

Abby said...

Hey, I just thought of something. Atleast you'll get a ride to school! (you will, won't you? Though, it'd be very disciplining to walk with the crutches, lol ;-))

Christine said...

I'm so sorry Allen. A couple of years ago, my 12 year old son broke his leg in two spots and had a whole leg cast on. At least yours is just the ankle. :)

Hope you feel better.

BTW, I am a registered voter.

worminator said...

btw, tell Dr.Imeedummy to post.

Gudl said...

Ooooh, you poor young man!!
(I meant to say poor boy, but that is not so cool, right?) I could say 'You poor guy"...yes, that's it.
Poor guy.
I hope it will heal quickly!!