Monday, February 11, 2008


Today I am showing you pictures of street signs I took while riding home from school.


I live on Jeferson street. This is one of the pics Took.

This is our street. Our house is about right next to where this picture was taken. It may look nice in this picture but it really isn't in a good part of town.


Mellimaus said...

Hmmmmmmmm....Remember on the field trip last year, how you were all quiet and Anika and I were talking, and suddenly you see a "wrong way" sign, and you said "Wouldn't you know if you're going the wrong way?".
I don't think I'll forget that. It's losing it's funny-ness, but it sure was funny then!
Nice signs. The best sign I've seen is the one hanging by our driveway: Quarter Horse X-ing. lol

Priscilla said...

Hey! It's not all that bad to live in our part of town.

worminator said...

how boring, signs?!?

Connie said...

Hi Allen,

I liked your comment on my SIL's page ("in a storm") - very wise - everyone can say things they regret. It is so important to apologize - altho that can be hard sometimes!

Good blog. I like your road signs. I like to photograph 'normal' things I see day to day too... altho we live in Egypt currently so normal is not always normal. Sometimes the effect is just 'eh', sometimes the photo can be quite extraordinary. Good to have the 'regular' stuff recorded too, esp. if you move around alot like we do.

I hope to encourage my son to start a blog in a couple of years (he's 7 now and while he's a great reader, he hates to write). I think it may be a good way to keep up with family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Cool idea.