Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

I have been tagged by my Aunt Martha (thanks*) but i think I'll wait til next time to post about it since it's supper tuesday and I want to post about it instead.

When I first heard of "super tuesday", my first thoughts were of a super hero. Instead of a superhero, a bunch of states (including NY)got to vote in the primarys. I am still anxious to hear the results.

In school we had a little election of our own. Weeks before today, my Social studies teacher showed us an online poll that matched us up to the person who most agrees with you. I took this quiz and got all republicans. I guess that makes me one then. I dicided to vote for Huckabee. For the results, Jon McKain won for the Republicans and Barak Oboma won for the democrats.

The one thing I disagree with when it comes to Presidental elections, is that people don't bother listning to people's ideas and just automatically vote for someone just because there hasn't been a women or African American president before. Yeah, I think it would be fine if a women was president as long as they knew what was best for our country.

P.S. The best thing about Huckabee is that he can play the guitar.


worminator said...

that isn't a guitar, it is a base

Martha said...

That is a bass guitar (not to be confused with a bass cello).

worminator said...

ya, it is not a guitar though, like allen said, haha, you are wrong allen!

Priscilla said...

Sam should know about cellos. I like Huckabee too.

Allen said...

Sam, you spelled Bass wrong. Ha ha I proved you wrong.